Nonpoint source pollution is caused by stormwater. When it rains or snows, water droplets either end up on soil or other pervious surfaces, which allow them to seep into ground water, or on impervious surfaces such as pavement. Stormwater or snowmelt that lands on impervious surfaces can carry land use pollutants like gas or oil, excess fertilizer, household chemicals, or animal waste, into these nearby water bodies. Homeowners should be aware of the daily activities they do that can pollute the land around us because stormwater can carry these pollutants into our drinking water.

How You Can Help
1. Support efforts in your community to install stormwater best management practices such as rain gardens and swales that collect stormwater before it enters our rivers and streams.

2. Increase vegetation around your property, which will help rainfall and snowmelt soak into the ground instead of running onto the road.

3. Be conscious of the activities you do on the land that could impact your drinking water. See additional pollution information for more intimation.

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