Direct Mailings To New Residents

In 1999, NRICD and the Scituate Conservation Commission began an initiative to inform new residents about water quality concerns and issues in a drinking water supply watershed by direct mailing of Neighbor to Neighbor folders.

The information provided in Neighbor to Neighbor folders allow new residents access to valuable information on septic system operation and maintenance, well water protection, watershed awareness and land-use issues within the Scituate Reservoir Watershed. Often, people moving into rural areas from more urban locales are not familiar with these issues.

In 2004 Glocester and Foster residents began receiving the Neighbor to Neighbor folders, as well. The Glocester Conservation Commission and Waste Water Management District, along with the Foster Conservation Commission and Planning Department, have joined us as partners in administering the Neighbor to Neighbor Program. In 2011, the Town of Johnston joined as a partner on the Neighbor to Neighbor project, and Johnston residents within the Watershed boundary began receiving folders, too.

If you would like to receive a Neighbor to Neighbor folder, please contact

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