Forests purify ground and surface waters. In fact, forests serve as a primary way of protecting and managing public drinking water supplies. Forested buffers protect streams and ponds by filtering sediments and some nutrients that can degrade water quality and aquatic habitats. Forests are critical in sustaining the natural balance of the water cycle and protecting watersheds. Forests serve to protect us from frequent flooding and replenish groundwater resources. This is because the majority of rain and snowmelt soaks into the forest canopy and floor rather than quickly draining to the nearest surface water body.

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Forests: A Working World in Your Backyard
Teacher and High School Students Resource Materials
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Forest Certification & Assessment
The Forest Certification and Assessment Process under the Rhode Island Farm, Forest, Open Space Act
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Green Facts
An internet encyclopedia on environmental topics, including forestry. A better resource for middle school students.
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New England Society of American Foresters
RI Chapter Newsletter
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Oklahoma Forestry Services
A fun kids page that is user-friendly. Has fun games you can print out and share with your classroom.
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Project Learning Tree
Designed to assist teachers with forestry curriculum by providing a plethora of information and activities that utilize critical thinking skills.
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Providence Water Supply Board
Provides information on the past, present, and future of forestry management in the Scituate Reservoir Watershed.
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Temperate Forest Foundation
Provides information that touches on a broad set of forestry topics, from simple Fun Facts to Forestry Management.
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Woodland Owner Resources
Woodland Owner Literature and Resources
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Woody B. Woodland's Story for Kids!
“Working The Day Away”
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