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NRICD and Snake Den Farm

In November 2013, the Northern RI Conservation District signed a lease with the RI Department of Environmental Management to oversee the management of historic Snake Den Farm, a 150–acre farm located on Brown Avenue in Johnston. The farm is located within the boundary of Snake Den Park, a 744-acre State Park that stretches from Hartford Avenue to Greenville Avenue, along the Brown Avenue Historic District. The farm was founded in 1789, and was maintained as a working farm for over 200 years. For more information on the history of the farm, click here.

It is the Northern RI Conservation District’s mission to use a sustainable, conservation-minded approach to bring historic Snake Den Farm back into agricultural production. Using this approach, we strive to:

  • Use Best Management Practices that enhance the integrity of Snake Den Farm’s natural resources
  • Foster a community bond between the farm and our neighbors
  • Provide land for successfully growing agricultural enterprises

While getting the land back into production is NRICD’s primary goal, in time we are working on developing a program to create a center for agricultural education, re-open the historic farm museum to the public, and make Snake Den a community attraction. We are looking forward to community involvement in our project and want to make it a place for the public to learn and enjoy.

Wish List

We have some start up needs that we are hoping our community of partners, friends, neighbors and those who have invested in the property in the past and have a fondness for this farm may be able to assist with.

We need:

  • 1 safe and secure wood stove (connections helpful, too) and/or a pellet stove
  • weed whacker
  • refrigerator

If you have any of these items that are in excellent condition and are willing to donate them, please contact us and we will arrange a pick up.

We are also taking donations to alleviate some of the start-up costs involved with this project. First and foremost, we are looking to get the second floor of the farmhouse up to code, which is a cost that exceeds $12,000. We have a very limited budget for this large undertaking, so anything helps!

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to Snake Den Farm, please call us at 401.830.4896. Right now we accept checks, and should be able to take credit cards shortly.

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